First time Microsoft MFA authentication setup on Phone: login without Password

Not able to use the Microsoft Authenticator application for pin verification?

Are you in a big Indian firm like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Cognizant, Accenture, HCL etc.? You need to connect to a VPN to connect with a client server. If you are using a cloud service to connect to Azure or AWS or Google Cloud et cetera. 

Your company might be asking to connect to a VPN to use the client server.

I will guide you on how you can use Microsoft authentication to connect to a VPN and then a remote desktop.

Microsoft Multifactor authentication new phone setup

1) Search for the below link from your company laptop/PC

2) Click on the Add sign-in method

3) Choose the authenticator app and click add

4) Complete the steps: Start by getting the app

5) Click next on Setup your Account window

6) Open the authenticator application and select scan the QR code for the school/company network

That's it. You are all set to use multi-factor authentication from your phone without getting a call from a Microsoft number.

How to use MFA

After your initial MFA setup is ready you have to open the Microsoft authenticator app on your smartphone.

When you try to connect to a VPN. After signing into your company-provided system you will get a pop-up message to enter the number shown on the system's screen into your Authenticator application. 

Put the same number and click yes.

Sign in with code MFA

However there is another method to verify multi-factor authentication through an authenticator application, which is to sign in with a code. 

It means that, when you open the authenticator app on your mobile you will get a notification to put a number which will be valid for 30 seconds, into your system. 

Get a call or text from Microsoft to authenticate for a VPN

Last but not least you have this method which will use your VPN password or systems password and then it will call on your mobile phone to authenticate the real you. 

You need to put in the authentication code (usually 4 digits) initially provided by your company/work/school followed by a pound key(#) to finish your verification.

Getting a text message from Microsoft for MFA verification to log in to the VPN

Sometimes when Microsoft is not able to call you, it will ask for another option if you want Microsoft authentication to send a message to your phone.

Then you need to put the code received in the text message. It is followed by (without spaces)  your MFA code initially provided by your company. And hitting enter.

That's it. You are now all set to use your company's VPN. Be it a checkpoint endpoint Cisco or anything with Microsoft authentication will be easier for you to use now.


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