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Associate Consultant questions

About ACON

Associate Consultant Bridge is one of the flagship programs at Infosys which allows employees to make significant career shifts from Technology to Consulting space. It is a detailed course on the key fundamentals of Process and Domain Consulting.

An employee shortlisted for this Bridge Program will build on strong foundations and learn how consulting helps in different phases of the project including problem definition, effort estimation, diagnosis, solution generation, design and deployment and participate in unit-level and organizational initiatives. 

Such employees develop an advanced domain knowledge to provide high quality and value-adding consulting solutions to Infosys clients!

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Who is eligible for ACON Bridge?

There are several parameters to determine eligibility for ACON Bridge. The bridge team determines the final eligibility, and these employees can nominate themselves on the LnC portal.

Some of the parameters are given below

Rating- Needs improvement (NI) and Under performing (UP) ratings in latest performance cycle will not be eligible

Job Level- JL 3 and JL 4

Confirmation: Confirmed Employees only

Role Designation

JL3- Senior System Engineer, Test Engineer, Senior Engineer

JL4- Technology Analyst, Test Analyst, Engineering Analyst

Associate consultant-process flow

Step 1-Certification

Clearing the certification is the first step towards clearing the Bridge Program. Certification can be taken throughout the year. The standard cut off is around 50% however this may vary with demands.

Step 2-Video Assessment

All candidates who clear the certification will be invited for the next round which is the video assessment Candidates are expected to answer four questions regarding Consulting, Problem Solving, Past Experience etc. The video needs to be recorded and uploaded on the IAP platform

Step 3 - Training

The programs under Bridge Academy entail a comprehensive training for a specific duration. The duration and nature of the training ranges from 8 to 14 weeks which covers self-learning and stream training. For the duration of the stream training employees will be moved from current project code to training code.

Step 4 - Role Change

Any role change on successful completion of the various stages, will be to the profile/role designation associated with that track.

What is the salary of Acon in Infosys bridge?

How much does a ACON at Infosys make? 

As per Glassdoor, the typical Infosys ACON salary is ₹8,50,000 per year. ACON salaries at Infosys can range from ₹5,04,943 - ₹8,87,691 per year.

As per some Infosys employees who are actually selected as ACON from bridge program, their revised package was ₹7.5 LPA.

Infosys ACON bridge program aptitude questions: Certification 

The aptitude test for ACON bridge program consists of four parts 
  1. Logical reasoning - 10 questions
  2. Quantitative ability - 20 questions
  3. Data interpretation - 10 questions 
  4. Vocabulary and reading comprehension - 20 questions 
The question paper is kind of a mini CAT.

You can refer a book like RS Agrawal to crack Quantitative ability in Infosys ACON bridge program aptitude questions.

For Vocabulary and reading comprehension you can use Word Power made easy book.

Domain consultant vs Other consultants Infosys

ACON bridge consultants are not to be confused by technical consultants. The two might have the same name but they are very different in their role and responsibilities as explained by Krish Shankar.

The ACON bridge programme, which it started in around 2018, targets young employees who, on average, have spent 2-3 years with the company. 
That’s the time period after which many look for jobs in other companies for a promotion and a fatter salary, or pursue higher studies, preferably an MBA. 

The bridge programme aims to move employees to the consulting side of the business, and includes a test and a three-month curriculum. After that, the employee has to spend six months interning in a consulting project and, upon completion, the role changes and the new salary structure kicks in.

“We are focused on creating a flexible internal market place for our talent to grow instead of their leaving to join, say, an MBA course. These programmes provide people with alternative career growth opportunities,” 
told Krish Shankar, head of human resources at Infosys.

The ACON programme is also part of the company’s effort to focus more on consulting as it looks to ramp up a segment that is dominated by the likes of IBM, Capgemini and Accenture. 

Clients are today looking to IT vendors for advice on digital transformation and not just have them manage their back-end operations. Asked if Indian companies were late to map careers for their employees, Shankar said firms were doing it already. 

“As the industry changes, demand for people with specific skills is growing,” he said.


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