Mulbandh vs Vajroli which is better for semen retention


Suffering from frequent nightfall premature ejaculation and blue balls? Want to save your vital fluids? Then you came to the right place. Today, I will tell you about some perineum exercises such as Moola Bandha and Vajroli Mudra to cure excessive nightfall and blue balls.

Mulbandh in Ramayan

It is said when mighty Angad was brought in front of King Ravana, he challenged every courtier if they could lift his left leg. Many powerful courtiers tried, but could not lift Angad's leg. Why, thought Ravana, who was a skilled yogi himself. He knew that Angad was in Mulbandh's position. At last when none of the courtiers could lift, then Ravana accepted the challenge himself. You know the rest of the story. Angad was also aware of how great a yogi Ravana is. So, instead of challenging him, he fled away after mocking him. "If you want to touch the feet then you should touch my lord's feet", said Angad and fled.

Benefits of Mulbandh

Mulbandh helps with deep breathing

If you practice Bhramari yoga in the Mulbandh position, you will get to know its surprising results. Your breath will be retained for at least 10 seconds longer than it was before.

Mulbandh helps in curing extreme fatigue and exhaustion

If you feel tired now and then or light work gets you exhausted, then there is free yoga for you: Mulbandh. You try this and you can work continuously for a longer period.

Mulbandh helps in curing sexual disorders

I know someone who would have nightfall every other day. I asked him to try the Moolbandh exercise. Now he could retain semen for more than 10 days in a row.

Watching porn for long and not masturbating can give you serious Blue balls. The pain of Blue Balls is known by the bearer himself. I am not claiming that Moolband can prevent you from Blue Balls, but if done constantly and mindfully during watching can certainly prevent you from Blue Balls.

Mulbandh help elders to use the toilet less 

An old man told me that after he started to practice Moolbandh continuously and religiously, stopped his frequent urge to urinate.

Mulbandh restores your youth

Last but not least Mulbandh restores your youth. When you do Mulbandh your body chakra, especially your navel chakra would move up. You work against gravity. You would also like to keep your back straight. Hence Mulbandh helps you to restore your youth.

How to practice Moolbandh/Men Kegels

  1. Sit in a comfortable position, say in a crossed-legged position.
  2. Try to contract your perineum muscles
  3. Be mindful of your breath. It should flow normally during the Kegel session
  4. During the first contraction count to 5. By subsequent contractions gradually increase the count to 10, 25, 50 and 100. You can do this with the normal flow of breathing
  5. Try to hold the pelvic floor contractions for longer even if they are harder.

That's how you habituate your body against nocturnal emissions.

What are perineum muscles? Where are they located?

These are the muscles located between your anus (butthole) and testicles (balls). Try to move them up. You can also notice your penis moving slightly inwards.

Semen is the most vital part of your body. It is the energy total of your body. It should not be wasted. Here Vajroli Mudra comes into the picture. It helps you not to ejaculate even during sex.

Difference between Vajroli Mudra and Moolbandh 

The primary stages of both exercises are the same. In both of them, we are trying to make our pelvic flow stronger. Both of them are Kegel exercises. But in the later stages, Vajroli Mudra becomes harder. It is because it may require external instruments to practice sucking up your semen. Those we won't discuss here. 

In a nutshell, while Moolabandha is effective and easier to practice, Vajroli Mudra is harder to practice and more effective. It is said that a man who practices Vajroli Mudra can enjoy 100 women simultaneously without fatigue. Vajroli Mudra is very popular among sex Tantrics. Still, we won't recommend it, because you can get similar if not the same results by doing Mulbandh regularly, which is much easier.

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Can I practice Moolbandh anytime anywhere?

Yes, Moolbandh is one of the few exercises which can be done anywhere anytime. While walking, talking, working, standing, sitting and even sleeping. I would prefer to do it in parallel to other yoga, such as Kapalbhati, Anulom-Vilom, Bhramari, Surya Namaskar and headstands. You can do these man Kegels during gyming and pull-ups as well. It just requires lots of focus and mindfulness. 

Disadvantages of clenching PC muscles or Pelvic floor muscles

It is true that Kegel exercises can improve sexual endurance, but if a person overdoes it, the exercise could be harmful. 

Repeated contraction of prostate muscle arising out of the exercise can induce prostate sympathetic nerve for ejaculation. So instead of prolonging the ejaculation, one may end up quickening it. It can lead the muscles to develop more testosterone, oxytocin and DHT receptors. These hormone receptors can induce orgasms and quicken the ejaculation. 

Reckless practicing of kegels is a strict no, If a person is practicing the Kegel exercise consistently, it is safe and beneficial for him/her. However, there are many people who go overboard in their enthusiasm to sustain their erection. Actually, there is an element of addiction to it. 

The more a person derives the pleasure of long-term erection, the more he wants to exercise. But one needs to know that there is a limit, and crossing that limit can be quite harmful.

Solution to the disadvantage of Kegels is, to practice them without temptation or urges. When there is no erection in penis then only you should practice it, to get rid of nightfall/premature ejaculation.


Semen is called Virya in Hindi. In Bharatiya scriptures, it is said that to become a God you need to have infinite Virya(अनंत वीर्य). In other words, if a God is there, then he must have Anant Virya. Though the context is regarding the soul, it is one's duty to retain bodily semen as well. 

Mahatma Gandhi warned that one should not waste a drop of fluid which has the power to give rise to another human being. We must respect his thoughts and practice to retain our sperms.

Good luck with Bhramcharya!


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