Increase free stability SF3 quickly | Only does using sets increase stability in sf3?

Stability should not be confused with cumulative power of the equipments. This stability concept in SF3 comes into picture in the later stages during plane fights, that is after level 7 part 2.

  1. Easiest ways to increase stability in Shadow Fight 3 is opening quests chests. Every month we get around 1500 keys from marathons events and survivals in daily quests in SF3. So we can open chests to add stability.
  2. Stability is increased by completing an equipment set and claiming it in the Collections menu, along with other rewards. The higher the set rarity, the higher the stability increases. The player can collect even the equipment sets they already obtained in the main storyline to increase their Stability. In June's plane it is the only method to increase stability. In Itu's or Marcus' plane you get stability with most items in the cards.

3. Event marathons & Monthly Marathons. 

Every week an event comes up along with a marathon which provides with stability and legendary sets, which also gives stability. 

Moreover, monthly marathon also gives around 2k-3k stability. 

Each Plane also has its own marathon which also gives stability when completing the missions.

Grand Prize of event marathon provides Booster Pack which increases easy stability. Moreover you can get approximately 2k stability in such marathons. They are given in most of the events. 

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4. Booster Packs

Booster packs of events plus packs from shops & marathons also give items to add stability.

If we complete any event we can open over 10 premium booster packs & few standard booster packs as well.

Note: Premium Booster Packs gives legendary items as well.

5. Duel Chests

We can fight duels and collect 3-4 chests daily and open them to add items.

It gives less items but still is good to get basic items.

Moreover, at the end of the season we also get legendary pack which gives gems, items and perks. And we get stability from items.


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