How to use Zepp Life Fitbit application to maximize Xiaomi watch life

What does green light under MI Bands signify?

The blinking green light at the back of your MI watch signifies the continuous monitoring of heart beat through the pulse. This may degrade the battery life of MI watch/bands. You can actually increase the life of your MI bands battery by following these steps.

Turning off the unnecessary all day long heart rate Monitoring steps

1. Pair with an Internet connection and Turn on the Bluetooth. Pair with your mi band as shown below

2. Open Zepp Life an application to operate Xiaomi MI bands. You will see the below format of the homepage of Zepp Life application 
Disable heart rate Monitoring MI watch 6

Clicking on enable heart rate Monitoring will show the steps to disable/enable the heart rate Monitoring of MI bands. Follow these steps to disable heart rate Monitoring in Xiaomi watches or follow me.

Click on profile at the bottom of the homepage of Zepp Life application. You will observe the above interface. Click on your device name. Observe KhadiVadi name of my MI band. I will click on my divice name.

You will observe the above interface now. Click on 'health monitoring'.

Now click on All day heart rate monitoring and turn it off to increase the battery life of MI bands significantly.


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