Essential 8 | Ideas to implement into your daily schedule for healthy lifestyle

Gandhi used to say that a man should practice solving math problems daily. In Jainism, there are 6 items to practice daily to be called shravaks. 

Shravak: follower of God. 

Bhartiya saints ask us to practice yoga daily. After compiling all the practices I have developed a comprehensive list to help you guys lead a meaningful life.

It's been a year since I have practised these 8 tasks daily and recorded them in a diary. Hence I am motivated to tell you about these 8 tasks. 

You cannot imagine the difference in my condition one year ago and now. They truly say, that collecting droplets gives rise to an ocean. These droplets of tasks repeatedly done made an ocean of knowledge and wisdom too.

1) Mental maths: solving a multiplication and division problem with a two-digit and a three-digit number daily. Why? Because when you are standing in front of a shopkeeper no big word problems or derivatives will come to use. 

Only simple multiplication or division, addition or subtraction, in other words, arithmetic, will come to use.

2) Yoga: I cannot live without it. A day passes without doing yoga is a day passes in vain. I do not feel myself on the day skipping yoga. I have a set of 5-6 special yogas which are helpful for my holistic development. Mental or physical, hands or legs or spine, the set got it all covered. But that is a discussion of another day.

3) Listening to sermons: this keeps you highly motivated and ethical. You make a good decision at the workplace. Saints guide you to make a good work-life balance.

4) Reading: reading the spiritual books or biographies of great persons can enlighten you. It also helps in good decision-making. I mostly prefer to read the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi and other spiritual book such as Shanti path pradarshan in the Hindi language.

5) Cooking or participating and household work: helping ladies at your home will make you a friendly personality. You understand their pain points and improve your cooking skills.

6) Donation/charity: one should donate every day. Donation does not mean only donating money, but what good you have to offer. APJ Abdul Kalam used to say, I quote "Give to others whatever good you have it may be money even good deeds or even good words whatever good you can give donate it."

7) Earn wealth: there is a saying in Hindi. 

दो कौड़ी के साथ वाला साधु दो कौड़ी का नहीं होता है। और दो कौड़ी से रहित श्रावक भी दो कौड़ी का नहीं होता है।

This was the quote given by Acharya Gyan Sagar Ji Maharaj. It means if a saint possesses two cents then his value is only that much, and if a gentleman does not possess two cents then his value is that much only.

Pro tip: 

You have to follow this list or your list daily to see any improvement. Drops collectively make an Ocean. If you don't follow these daily then it is of no use. For your reference, I am giving you the worksheet of the daily essentials that I follow.
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