Does changing title of the Blog affects SEO?

The blog title tag is critical for SEO as it affects how Google's algorithms understand your content and rank your website. Changing your blog title leads to either a positive or negative change in your search engine rankings, visibility, and traffic for your primary target keywords.

If you want to change your blog title from say "AcadFree- Free Education for all", to "AcadFree - Academic Freedom"

Will it worth for you? And how much it will affect on SEO?

If the new title better reflects the content of your blog or website, then by all means change it. I doubt a minor change like that will be having any effect at all.

Should the title of blog/website match the url for better SEO

Search engines are more interested in your article content rather than blog title. Ensure your articles have good and relevant titles.

But, if you change the name of your website fully then it can affect your rankings and Domain authority. Say, instead of the website title "AcadFree - Free Education for all" you change it to something like "Knowledge is power", it may affect SEO negatively for initial few days. 

But if you align your blog title with that of the articles you publish, you may gain the ranking over time.

So, do not worry much on changing the blog title. If you are planning to change the blog title then better change now than ever. 

What we would suggest is to go slow while changing the blog/website title. How? By first changing the blog description then make the blog description same as the blog title. That's how you would change the blog title.

Now coming to another question...

Should Wording The Blog Title And URL be identical or different?

There is no policy of Google, stating blog title and URL - either that the "words" in each can, or cannot, be the same. Some SEO experts suggest benefits of having relevant words, in the URL - and some blog owners confuse this advice, as suggesting having identical titles and URLs.


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