Can you resize Soho theme blogger popular posts big size

Theme is for a purpose. It is made to serve an exclusive design. It has an exclusive design in itself. 

You would need multiple lines of code change to resize popular posts image in blogspot soho theme.

I have tried it many times it was very difficult for me. But then I realised that the size of the popular posts is fit as per my expectation (at least on mobile if not desktop).

The sites that I used as the reference:

  1. Indiguru
  2. UltimateBloggerGuide
  3. 10 Won tips
  4. Xomisse
After using multiple sites as reference to resize the popular post widget, I couldn't. So I gave up.

But I think that popular posts size is good in blogger Soho theme.

I am not saying that the changes given in the above websites are useless or fake. It is just that they are not for Soho theme in blogspot.

I have also use chat GPT to resize the popular post but it also did not work.


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