Can video adsense ads be put on blogger blog?

Can AdSense video ads be on blogger blog?

Traditionally, Adsense publishers are known to advertise on their own websites by using either AdSense text or image banner ads. 

And, while these are still valid types of ads that can be used to advertise on a website, video ads are now available on the Adsense network. They are known as the outstream ads.

So far, video ads have proven to be significantly better at grabbing client's attention, especially when compared to traditional text or image display ads. 

With that said, let’s take a quick look at how to add these Adsense video ads into your website.

There is nothing under the label of outstream ads or video ads in Google AdSense. So, you won't get the exact HTML you need to show ads.

What to do then? There is something called as auto ads that is provided by AdSense. They will automatically publish video ads for you. 

Some people fool the blogger users by saying that only after buying a wordpress site or using a paid theme, you can show video ads on blogspot. That's not true. Below is the example of a blogspot website that have video ads on it.

Yet some other people fool themselves by thinking that AdSense for video is same as video ads. No they are not the same.

What we are talking about here is the video ads that are shown on your website not on a video.


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