Can I take UGC NET JRF in a different subject than masters?

Before 2019 you could have pursued the UGC NET examination in a different subject other than what you have done your masters in. And after clearing UGC NET you could have pursued PhD in a different subject too. 

Or if you had cleared JRF then you could have been an associate professor and making money earlier. 

But now things are different, now UGC NET  won't issue results to the students trying to pursue NET in a different subject.

As of this date  2023) you cannot take the UGC NET  JRF examination in a different subject. I have tried to take it in another subject than my master's. So, I have bought a book for paper 2 of the UGC NET examination, which is a subject subject-specific book.

UGC NET exam in a different subject of your interest, can MBA student give UGC NET in any subject? For MEd students, PhD in economics possible

But then I realised that as per recent changes in internal UGC guidelines a student cannot pursue PhD in a different subject or a subject of his or her interest. 

I invite you to get answers from the committee as to why this change was made. By the way, I had to return that paper 2 books. I am so disappointed that a student cannot become a professor in the subject of his or her interest.


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