Councellor answers: Can I exceed word limit writing IGNOU assignment?

As per quora: How long should IGNOU assignment answers be for 20 or 25 marks questions?

It should be 600 words. IGNOU assignments must be within the word limits 10% up- down is acceptable.

As per my experience:

Some IGNOU assignments do not have word limit mentioned. It can be easily estimated by the number of questions given in the assignment. 

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No word limit given in the IGNOU assignment 

If there are 5-6 questions to be answered in the IGNOU assignment, then there is a high probability that these are 20 marks each questions. For such questions word limit would be anywhere between 500 to 600 words. This would require minimum 5 pages to write the answers.

But if there are 10 or more than this number of questions in the IGNOU assignment then the chances of this question should be answered in 200 to 300 words each. They may be 10 marks assignment questions. This would require minimum three single pages.

Don't worry too much about the IGNOU assignment word limit. You will get good marks if the content is good. Include all the important points in your answers as this will help you in TEE as well. 

In conclusion don't worry if you have exceeded the world limit in answering IGNOU assignment questions.

Note: there is no question of the world limit in IGNOU numerical type assignment questions. It may require as many pages as it need until you get the right answer with right method and steps.

Can I use hyphen to continue a word in the second line without losing marks in IGNOU assignment?

End-of-line hyphenation is the process of breaking words between lines to create more consistency across a text block. 

Note that a hyphen in such a case must be written at the end of its line, and not at the beginning of the following line. 

It is okay to use end-of-line hyphenation  in IGNOU assignments. But, it would always be appreciated if you write the assignment keeping margin at the right, so that words won't break.

However, in exams (TEE), it is always advisable to not use end of line hyphens. 


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