Batman weight in the Machinist

The first drastic Christian Bale body transformation came in 2004 with The Machinist, where he dropped to 120 pounds i.e 54.431 kilograms – and by the end of shooting, he only had five months to regain enough mass to play Batman in Batman Begins. Bale went up to 220 pounds (99.7903kgs) but went down to 190lbs to match the look the studio was looking for.

Christian Bale diet change Batman to the fighter transformation
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The Machinist the Batman actor Lost 60 pounds (27.21 kgs)

The actor had to limit his intake to up to 200 calories per day and told, 

“I came up with the absolutely brilliant method of just smoking cigarettes and drinking whiskey to lose weight.” 

But when the results weren’t as fast as expected, he added black coffee and a solitary apple to his daily routine.

Weight: 120 pounds i.e 54.431 kilograms

Batman Begins – Gained 59 pounds (26.76 kgs) immediately after the Machinist

After shedding nearly 60 pounds for The Machinist in 4 months, Christian Bale had roughly 5 months to put on some muscles and get ready to play the caped crusader in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins. During an interaction with The Huffington Post in 2014, Bale opened up about gaining nearly 59 pounds– reportedly just six weeks, by gorging on pizza and ice cream. 

Bale said, 
“I overdid it because I was enjoying gorging. I was ignoring advice about taking it slowly because my stomach had shrunk, and I should just go with soups. I was straight into pizza and ice cream and eating five meals in a sitting. My stomach expanded really quickly. I got very sick during that time but I enjoyed getting sick. I didn’t mind it at all.”

He also stated, 
“In that short amount of time I did actually go from 121 lbs right back up to 180 lbs which is way too fast so that resulted in some doctor visits to get things sorted out.”

Weight: 190 pounds or 85 kgs

The Fighter – Lost 30 pounds (13.60 kgs)

In 2010, Christian Bale dropped nearly 30 pounds to portray Dicky Eklund – a real-life boxer who struggled with drug addiction. While talking to Latino Review about becoming Eklund, Bale said
“I was just running like crazy. I could just run for hours on end and I felt really healthy.” 

Weight: 155 pounds or 70 kgs

American Hustle – Gained over 40 pounds (18.14 kgs)

Talking to People in December 2013 about it, he said, 
“I ate lots of doughnuts, a whole lot of cheeseburgers and whatever I could get my hands on. I literally ate anything that came my way.” He added, “I was about 185 and went up to 228. I’m still working it off.”

Weight: 200 pounds or 90 kgs

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