Why does Warren Buffet suggest to earn money when you need it least?

Because it is about your self-respect. It sets are limit to the extent you can go to earn money. For example, you are already making a decent income from your job, but hey! jobs are not permanent. So you start creating a side income. 

How true is Warren buffet when he suggest to earn money when you need at least. Self respect in doing business

It decides how far you can go to generate side income, without damaging your self-respect, until it becomes your main income. 

You cannot decide this self-respect bar/extent when you are jobless. It will feel wrong. You will question yourself at every step: would I do that if I was already making money? Or am I doing it just under the pressure of making money? So the saying of Warren Buffet that to earn money when you need it at least is justified. 


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