Bad blood | Is nightfall better than masturbation?

When you watch a p*** video and may or may not masturbate, there is a clear difference between your faces before and after nightfall. After a nightfall, it looks good/normal but between the period of watching p*** video and nightfall, it looks exhausting and dry. I call the situation bad blood. It is bad blood flowing in your body during this period that seizes your beauty. Hence nightfall is not bad for your body but watching p*** video is. It does serious damage to brain cells and the body.  

When do you often watch a p*** video? 

You watch a p*** video when you are free and happy. See, how bad it is! You don't like being free and happy so you watch p*** videos and become occupied and sad

So, before watching p*** video ask yourself what are you becoming into.

देव धर्म गुरु शरण जगत में, और नहीं कोई

भ्रम से फिरे भटकता चेतन, यूं ही उमर खोई


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