Gandhi's quotes on Jainism | What Gandhi has to tell about Jain

No religion in the world has explained the principle of non-violence so deeply and systematically, with its applicability in life as Jainism.......Bhagwan Mahaveer is sure to be respected as the greatest authority on non-violence.

 -Mahatma Gandhi 

I say with conviction that the doctrine for which the name of Lord Mahavir is glorified nowadays is the doctrine of Ahimsa. If anyone has practised to the fullest extent and has propagated most of the doctrine of Ahimsa, it was Lord Mahavir.

-Mahatma Gandhi 

Was Mahatma Gandhi a Jain? Gandhi on Jainism | Raichandra as spiritual guru of Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhi was a Jain, not by birth, but by acts.


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