Places to visit at Indore | Our 4 day trip to Indore

I and my friend decided to visit Indore on 11th of June. On 12th we booked our tickets to board on our respective trains. On 13th we started our journey. I got a sleeper bus from Tikamgarh and my friend (Aagam) got a sleeper train from Bombay. I alighted at Indore Balaji Bus stop at around 6:35 AM. Early morning of 14th I decided to visit temples till Aagam arrives at Indore Junction Railway station.

Day 1:

Sheetal Nagar Temple
Sheetal Nagar Temple 1

Sheetal Nagar Temple Indore Palasiya
Sheetal Nagar Temple2

Sheetal Nagar Temple Indore Palasiya
Sheetal Nagar Temple3

Sheetal Nagar Temple Indore Palasiya
Sheetal Nagar Temple4

Kanadia Road Temple Indore
Kanadia Road Temple1

Kanadia Road Temple Indore
Kanadia Road Temple2

Old Aadinath Temple on Kanadia

Tilak Nagar Temple 1

Tilak Nagar Temple2

Tilak Nagar Temple3

Tilak Nagar Temple4

TilakNagar Temple 5


After this my friend arrived at Indore Junction. We together visited some places.

Rajwada temple Indore
Rajwada Temple 1

Rajwada Temple 2 with Aagam

In evening we visited Palasiya Temple

Palasiya Temple 2

Day 2:

Nasiya Dharmshala Indore
Nasiya temple. We stayed at Nasiya ji during our visit

Day 3:

Pitr Parvat Indore
Pitr Parvat1

Pitr Parvat2

Pitr Parvat 3

Pitr Parvat 4

Treasure Island Mall or TI Mall Indore

Navagrah Mandir Indore (looks like guardians of the galaxy)

Navagrah Mandir 2

These are the places that we visited during our 4 days visit at Indore:
  1. Gomatgiri near Gandhi Nagar
  2. Chhapan Dukan (56 street food shops) at Palasiya
  3. Sarafa near Rajwada
  4. Kaanch Mandir (Extraordinary temple made of Glass)
  5. Nasiya ji (we stayed in its Dharmshala): It is near to Indore Junction Railway Station
  6. Navagrah Temple near Gandhi Nagar
  7. C21 mall at MR 9
  8. Treasure Island Mall near Palasiya
  9. Apna sweets near Appolo offices and mall
  10. Meghdoot Garden: opens daily from 8:00am to 5:30 pm
  11. Temples in Palasiya
  12. Next TI Mall


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