Best Offscreen Time! How to reduce your ScreenTime


Morning 6-9 straighten your slouching back. 

Read something from paperbacks in the morning, between 6-9 am.

Trust me, you won't feel to reach your mobile in the morning.

Why not take a resolution then, to not touch your smartphones in the morning. Of course, you can use a timer or listen to a song, if you are doing yoga like me. And, it well doesn't count as 'on screen'.

Not only read a book, but you can also try doing yoga, gardening etc. But remember to be offscreen between morning 6-9 am.

6-9 am is the best time to not use mobile phone. You can read, do yoga or gardening in the morning. Your mind also tells you about not to use mobile.

How do I decide to go offscreen?

I have a precious collection of paperback books with me, that I don't read. I want to read them, but I have weaknesses with mobile screens.

In order to read, enjoy and finish reading those books, I have to go by rules. So I made one:

Go offscreen between 6-9 am.

What do you need to accomplish being offscreen?

Sleep before midnight to get up at around 6 am.

Scientific reason to not use mobile in the morning?

It is a human tendency not to be around those things in the morning, that ruin your day.


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