History of Indian Flag | Why Gandhi was against the new Flag of Jawaharlal?

Did you know that Mahatma Gandhi was against the new Indian flag? A patriot against his country's flag, Is'nt it interesting?

Well, read the story of the history of Indian flags. 

In this post I will be telling you about the Indian flags during & after the British rule in India.

Images of Indian flags throughout the colonial history

The very first flag of India

The idea of a single Indian flag was first raised by the British rule of India after the rebellion of 1857, which resulted in the establishment of direct imperial rule. 
The first flag, whose design was based on western heraldic standards, were similar to the flags of other British colonies, including Canada and South Africa; its red field included the Union Jack in the upper-left quadrant and a Star of India capped by the royal crown in the middle of the right half. 

 2nd flag of India: Vande Matram flag


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