Favourite books of Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi Ji had read a lot of books. I was going through the set of books read by Mahatma Gandhi. There are approximately 354 books that Gandhiji has read in his entire lifetime. 

Mahatma Gandhi reading, Favorite books of Mahatma Gandhi

Coming to his favourite books. In his book Hind Swaraj or the Indian home rule, there are 20 books that he mentioned in the references. On the other hand in the bibliography at the end of Khadi guide 1927, there are 9 books that are completely different from the previous set (Indian home-rule) of books. 

In his autobiography, Mahatma Gandhi pointed out two books that completely changed his life.

  1. The kingdom of God is within you by Leo Tolstoy
  2. Unto this last by John Ruskin. 


Gandhiji has read a lot of books. The books were his constant companions. The 2 books that Gandhiji mentioned in his autobiography were his particular favourites. The books that are mentioned in either Indian home-rule or Khadi guide are the detailed set of books. The name of the books mentioned in the Khadi guide (like the Charkha Shastra) mainly dealt with technological aspects of Khadi clothes. 

If you want to read a paraphrase of his favourite book Unto this last, you can go through the link below. 

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