Does smiling leads to better intelligence?

Yes, smiling makes you more intelligent. Why do people say that "do not take decisions when you are angry"?

Because while being furious, your mind stops working. You start acting like mad, break one thing and throw away another and start crying. 

The best decisions are made being in a peaceful state of mind. 

In other words, there is no harm in saying that happiness improves intelligence, while anger makes you dumb. 

It is always wise to stay happy and improve your intelligence. 

A smile is just an expression of happiness that helps to make you forget all tensions and make clear decisions.

So, keep smiling and shining. 

Caution: Do not smile at odd events like one's cremation ceremony. It makes you look foolish, even if you did not like the person who is dead.

Nervous state while smiling

When you smile your nervous system secrets happiness hormones like serotonin and dopamine. 

Let's see what happens when the brain releases these hormones. I guess everybody of you had watched Harry Potter 7. Harry gets a good luck spirit bottle. The expressions of Harry Potter on drinking the good luck drops is the same we carry on our face when we are happy. The brain releases happiness hormones.

relation between Happiness & intelligence, Harry Potter good luck drops, anger & being dumb, clear decision making through smiling

Happiness hormones make you reach another level of intelligence and clear thinking. So it is advisable to be happy and carry a smile on your face, always.


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