Does smiling enhance the beauty of your face?

Smiling not only enhances the beauty of your face but also improves your health. 

A research was carried out in Okinawa, Japan. Researchers found that happiness has increased the lifespan of the people in Okinawa.

Happiness and Smile guarantee longevity. 

How does a smile improve the glow of your face?

When you smile, you radiate positive energy. You look so pleasant when you smile. The people who smile often have claimed that other people are attracted to them. 

Science says that everybody wants happiness in life. Therefore people are attracted towards people who are happier than themselves.

Monalisa is famous because of her smile. Abdul Kalam says that if you smile you make a lot of friends.

What happens when you smile? Smile and youth

When you smile, the muscles around your cheeks send positive feedback to your mind. The mind feels that everything is fine. In return, it releases dopamine, endorphins and serotonin. These are happiness hormones. 

When the hormones are released in the whole body, it tends to trick the mind to feel that there is no tension in life. Life is peaceful. And, the peace reflects into the youth of the face.

Smile and beauty of face, the science behind smiling enhances the youth of your face, hormones released during smile makes you look younger and beautiful

That is the reason why Sri Sri Ravi Shankar emphasises smiling.

Hence a smile is a very powerful tool to look young by face. And a smile makes you more beautiful.

To know more about the smile and youth click on this link.


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