Why is primary education the most important education?

It is not very difficult to learn counting from 1 to 100 and onwards. It is not very difficult to identify the letters of your mother tongue. Then why is literacy so low.

Do you know what is difficult? Calculus, arithmetic progression, polynomials, time and distance etc. Foreign medium as the medium of instruction. They are difficult. Moreover, they are unnecessary.

I was reading this book called "Sevagram to Shodhgram", by doctor Abhay Bang. He found out that in rural Bharat, people did not know counting above 10. This condition could be improved.

Why is primary education so necessary? Sevagram to shodhgram literacy rate, people in India did not know the count above 10

The most difficult verses could be learnt in childhood, but cannot be learnt in later years. This is the reason why Abdul Kalam used to say that parents and primary school teachers are the directors of student life. 

From the discussion above one can conclude that primary education is one of the primary needs.


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