How to concentrate on your studies?


As food is to the body, truth is to speech, concentration is to mind 

Once, there was a teacher and a student. Both were given a task to memorize a lesson. The teacher could memorize it in the first attempt. The student could not memorize even after 300 attempts. 

Both the teacher and the student were worried. The teacher discussed the matter with the principal.  

The principal suggested that his mind is not in his control. At one instance it thinks of something, and, at another instance, it thinks of something else. Hence, he could not memorize even a simple lesson.

From reading a book to doing a business, concentration is required everywhere. 

How to focus on studies, Make the subject interesting, sit straight when studying, do not masturbate, regularly check your thoughts, limit your mobile phone usage, indulge less worldly matters, take a balanced diet and sleep, Observe a child, Multitasking is a myth

How to improve concentration?  

  1. Make the subject interesting. It is essential to have a curious mind when studying. Create interest in studies. When you revise the concepts in mind, you automatically become curious. When you become curious, nobody can break your concentration.
  2. Sit straight when studying. When you slouch, you compress the space for your lungs, reducing their capacity by up to 27%. That means less oxygen supply to your brain. Less oxygen to your brain means less concentration.
  3. Do not masturbate. Regular masturbation leads to the brain being drained of the hormone acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter. The body replaces acetylcholine with stress adrenaline that can cause a lack of focus. Hence, excessive masturbation can cause a lack of concentration.
  4. Regularly check and purify your thoughts. You might have heard, what you think you become. If you criticize someone in your mind, you are filling your mind with negative thoughts. The remedy is to criticize yourself. Focus on your mistakes. Then, you start becoming conscious and focused.
  5. Limit your mobile phone usage. Smartphone radiations have neurotoxic effects. Prolonged exposure to mobile phones can reduce brain cells. This can lead to brain inactivity in humans. WHO classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans. I have limited my mobile phone usage to 3 hours.
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  6. Indulge less in worldly matters. Do not listen to someone criticizing others. Focus your mind on God. His serene posture. Because worldly matters are distracting, but not truly compelling. People are so distracted that they complain about petty things. Such as, this food is not cooked well. And, when they are told to listen to the gospel, they retreat. The best dose to concentration is to remember God and accompany saints.
  7. Take a balanced diet and sleep. As medicine is taken in a measured manner, similarly, food and sleep should be taken in a measured manner. One should ask these questions to himself: what to eat, when to eat, how much to sleep and eat etc. Students should decide rationally and maintain a daily schedule to improve concentration.

Observe a child

He is blessed with concentration. Looking at something, you would blink 10 times but, a child keeps staring. He wishes to make use of anything he sees. He wants to know every aspect. That's why a child learns anything so quickly. Whatever he learns during the first 5 years of his birth, becomes unforgettable. The later education is based on artificiality.

Multitasking is a myth

Make it a rule to do one thing at a time. Our minds could not be diverted. Doing two things at a time brings imperfection in both. Suppose you are eating something without focusing on food. You look elsewhere. There was a Lizard tail into your food. Multitasking, and, you die. Therefore multitasking is hazardous.

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Make the subject interesting, sit straight when studying, do not masturbate, regularly check your thoughts, limit your mobile phone usage, indulge less worldly matters, take a balanced diet and sleep


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