Favourite books of doctor APJ Abdul Kalam with PDFs

 To know and love reading meant the freedom to tavel to any kind of world I wanted to.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

From childhood until his BSc at St. Joseph college, Abdul Kalam did not use to read anything out of the curriculum. He inculcated the habit of reading novels during engineering at MIT. He remembers visiting a shop at Moore Market in Madras and devouring books.

During the question answer session in Cuttack, a child stood up and asked, "Dear Doctor Kalam sir, what are your favourite books?" 

Abdul Kalam smiled and answered him with a set of four books that he liked the most. 

  1. Light from many lamps by Lillian Watson
  2. Thirukural by Thiruvalluvar 
  3. Man the unknown by Alexis Carrel 
  4. The holy Quran

In a book written by Abdul Kalam himself - The guiding light, he mentions a list of 14 books that he liked. Those are,

  1. Light from Many Lamps, edited Lillian Watson Man the Unknown, Alexis Carrel
  2. Thirukural, Thiruvalluvar
  3. Code Name God, Mani Bhaumik 
  4. Secret the Power, Rhonda Byrne 
  5. Works of Kabir
  6. Silappathikaram, Ilango Adigal 
  7. Everyday Greatness, Stephen Covey 
  8. Gitanjali, Rabindranath Tagore
  9. Paradise Lost, John Milton 
  10. The Prophet, Khalil Gibran 
  11. The Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav 
  12. Holy Koran
  13. Bhagavad Gita
  14. Holy Bible

I will tell you about the first set of books. A little background of all the four books. 

Light from many lamps was compiled by Lillian Watson in her youth. She picked out the most beautiful quotes of the great persons of the past, and wrote them in her book. She also gives a little background and story of their original authors. 

As the title of the book suggests, Light from many lamps, it contains teachings of several accomplished persons from John Burroughs to Abraham Lincoln.

I have started reading lights from many lamps. I have also become a fan of the book. It seems that the author of the quotes was Lillian Watson herself. 

People admire the person who is teaching them, more than the original authors. In this case we admire Lillian more than John Burroughs himself. 

Light from many lamps is like a wholesale shop of enlightenment.

Here is the PDF of light from many lamps.

Thirukkural: Thirukkural was written by a Jain ascetic Thiruvalluvar in 300 BC century, around 2300 years ago. Abdul Kalam calls his writings as codes of life. The writings were originally in Tamil language. Translation of the book is available in Hindi and English language. Kural Kavya in hindi language is the best explanation.

Was Thiruvalluvar jain? Light from many lamps PDF, Man the unknown PDF. The books that inspired Dr. Abdul Kalam

Man the unknown by Alexis carrel
, in this book the author suggests common man to become their own doctors. 

Here is the PDF of Man the unknown

The holy Quran. Loyal to his religion, Abdul Kalam loves the holy Quran.


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