What do people think of you when you keep smiling in public?

In the about section, I have discussed my story. I told you that I used to smile a lot when I was in grade 10. 

From grade 11 I grew self-conscious. I began thinking that the other person would think of me as mad since I was smiling so much. It has affected me so much that I stopped smiling. 

What had changed when I moved to grade 11? 

I thought that the environment around me has changed drastically, due to which I have left the habit of smiling. 

'Environment' as in, the school was new, the teachers were new, subjects were different, friends were different. 

During grade 10 I used to think that it is the interesting syllabus that I am learning in the school that is making me happy. From grade 11 the syllabus got lengthy and non-interesting. 

Now I realise that I was wrong. 

It was not the syllabus or the environment that had changed my habit of being happy. It was only me who changed the habit. 

Nobody can make you sad. Any external force cannot make your face scowl. It is only you who has the power to control yourself. 

Concentrate on yourself and smile, peace smile, inner peace

It is not the quality of smiling that makes you look mad. It is you giving control to others to change your mood, that makes you look mad. 

How to forget about the world and be happy? 

I will tell you the way to smile more without being self-conscious. 

That is, keep noticing yourself and forget about the world. The next question would be how can I keep noticing myself? 

The simple step to do is to keep your eyes around your nose. While doing this you can think that 'enough of mine looking at the world, now I should concentrate on myself. In the quest of looking at the world, I have forgotten myself.' 

By performing the above steps you won't be able to look at others noticing you. You will feel comfortable and less bothered.

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The key takeaway from this post is to focus on yourself and keep smiling.

Use your smile to change the world. Don't let the world change your smile


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