What is the use of mathematics in daily life | Crux of maths

What is the actual use of mathematics, a child asks. To a child, everything in mathematics seems redundant. Don't worry kids. You do not need to learn complex computation to excel in mathematics. I know that the difficult calculations in your book are hardly useful for facing real world challenges.

To tell you the truth and to ease your life, I have brought to you the crux of mathematics.

Be it any complex calculation that is used in real life, everything boils down to the below 4 operations.

That is,

  1. Addition (+)
  2. subtraction (-)
  3. multiplication (×)
  4. division (÷)
You practice these 4 operations and you can master mathematics. 

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You do not need to learn many things to gain mastery over mathematics. You do not need to learn calculus, Matrix and determinants, regression, complex numbers, algebra, trigonometry and geometry. 


Because this is the real world. Calculus, algebra, trigonometry and geometry play a little or no role in anybody's life. 

You go to the market to buy something. You do not apply geometry or trigonometry to find the payment change. 

Some may argue that we apply algebra in day to day life to find the unknown X. But, ultimately to find the missing quantity x, you have to apply arithmetic to solve the equation.

We can easily claim that geometry, complex numbers, trigonometry, algebra, calculus and graphs exist because of arithmetics. But the reverse is not true.

Again, some may argue that we use percentages. The percentage is the most important lesson for us. But one can easily observe that percentage is nothing but a quantity out of a hundred. Again, it uses simple multiplication and division.

If you need to minimise this also, you can minimise it to only two operations. That is multiplication and division. The Bharatiyas knew it very well, as is evident from one phrase. 
Guna bhag seekh lo. 

Since the beginning, the elders used to suggest the students learn Guna bhag, which means multiplication and division. 

Exercise for you

Practice arithmetic calculations daily. Take two 2 digits numbers. Try to multiply them in your mind. Then divide the bigger number from the small number. Verify your answers by using pen and paper. Then use a calculator to verify once more. 

This is the best exercise to increase mathematical knowledge.

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