Why Ferdinand is the best movie for your kids? Ferdinand movie summary and review

Ferdinand movie teaches us the lesson of non-violence. It is an animation movie. last part of the movie shared some facts. That it took 1 million work hours and 12,000 people were employed during the movie creation.

Ferdinand movie is very engaging. In the current atmosphere of violence and hatred, the movie explicitly shows the value of non-violence.

Ferdinand shows how battles could be won by showering love and compassion. It shows how pride and anger ruins one's character. How every single person in this world is important.

Ferdinand explains the deeper meaning of nonviolence. Every small creature be it a plant or animal have life in it.

Apart from non-violence, Ferdinand movie celebrates differences in dreams. It teaches how big and distinct dreams can make someone successful.

Ferdinand is a very entertaining movie. It is having an IMDb rating of 6.7. its release date was the 15th of December, 2017. It is one of the most downloaded movies. It is liked by both kids and adults.

Notable characters

  1. Ferdinand
  2. Valiente
  3. Bones
  4. Guapo
  5. El Primero
  6. Nina
  7. Lupe
  8. Hedgehogs
  9. Horses


In the beginning, there is a scene of calves playing around on a ranch. The calves include Ferdinand, Valiente, Bones and Guapo. Since childhood Ferdinand does not want to hurt anybody, not even flowers. He was particularly passionate about flowers. He would like to become like flowers, that would spread their scent everywhere and loved by everyone.

Once Spanish matador arrived to select a bull for a bullfight. Ferdinand's dad got selected. He was very happy. He adieu farewell and told Ferdinand that one day Ferdinand can also become strong like him.

Unfortunately, Ferdinand's father died in the fight. Ferdinand escaped away from the ranch.

While running away Ferdinand got unconscious and fell off a cliff. He was then found by a girl named Nina.

Nina treated Ferdinand like a family member. She fed him, she took care of him. After some time Ferdinand grew up. He was as strong as steel and as gentle as a butterfly. He never used his strength against humanity.

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Once Nina and her father went to the flower fair. They asked Ferdinand to stay at home. But how could Ferdinand resist visiting a place full of flowers? He anyway to the fair.

Although Ferdinand was harmless. Everyone who saw him in the fair got scared of him. An accident took place where he got stung by a bee, and the harmless Ferdinand has forgotten his cool and became wild for a moment. This caused chaos. Local guards and the ranch truck arrived, they forced Ferdinand to get into the truck.

After reaching the destination, Ferdinand came to know that he arrived at the same place that he escaped from years ago.

When he arrived he met both his friends and foes. He also met some new faces - Lupe the goat, 3 hedgehogs, 3 horses and 2 new bulls.

His friends would include Lupe the goat, 3 hedgehogs. Though Ferdinand did not want anyone to be hostile with him, some characters were foe later turned to friends. Such friends include Valiente, Guapo, Bones and 2 new bulls.

Best animation movie for kids, Ferdinand movie review and summary
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Soon after Ferdinand's arrival, the world's most famous matador El Primero arrived at the shelter to find the best bull for his next fight.

Every bull but Ferdinand were excited. Every bull had the dream to enter into the ring when every spectator will notice them. Ferdinand did not want to fight.

El Primero was disappointed while watching a game between the bulls. No bull was worthy enough to fight him. Guapo the bull puked in the ring out of excitement. Noticing this Guapo was sent to the butcher's house to be cut down.

Ferdinand decided to escape from the ranch again. He would seek help from Lupe the goat and the 3 hedgehogs.

When they were showing Ferdinand the way out, Ferdinand stopped in a passage. He saw his father's horn in a glass display. Not only his father's horns were hanging, but there were also the horns of every bull that have been on the ranch.

Ferdinand saw the truth! That it is next to impossible for a bull to win in a bullfight. That whoever went with the matador never really returned.

Ferdinand turned back. He decided that he would liberate every bull from the ranch. He would take every bull away with him.

When Ferdinand went back to call them. Valiente the bull resisted him. Valiente insulted Ferdinand by saying that he is too weak to fight, that he is afraid of fighting, therefore he wanted to escape. As always Ferdinand ignored him for once. But Valiente kept on resisting.

Valiente banged his horns against Ferdinand. Accidentally Ferdinand broke Valiente's horn. Valiente's horn popped up in the sky and came down. Everyone got silent as they knew what was going to happen next.

Valiente was sent to the butcher's house. Ferdinand was chosen for the fight with El Primero.

Ferdinand did not give up. He made an escape plan. He was not going to escape alone, he wanted everyone on board, including Valiente!

Ferdinand sneaked out of the ranch and went to the butcher's house to protect Valiente - the enemy. When he got inside the butcher's house, to his surprise along with Valiente he found Guapo there. He was so happy to see that none of his friends got hurt.

Ferdinand managed to escape from the ranch with all his friends. But this was not easy. The administrators of the ranch hunted them down.

While the administrators were chasing them, every bull showed its quality. For example Bones the bull who was thought to be fit for nothing, his body was very thin, managed to get across the traffic without any hassle.

Ferdinand helped all the bulls to get onboarded on a cart. With the help of his horns, he fixed the cart with a running train so that all the bulls can escape from the administrators. But he could not get onto the cart himself.

Administrators caught him and took him back to the ranch.

The next day was the most awaited bullfight in history.

Ferdinand was forced to get inside the ring. During the fight, El Primero tried to annoy him but Ferdinand would not fight back.

Once El Primero poked his sword in Ferdinand's leg. Ferdinand got hurt and the pain was out of control. After that 1 hit to El Primero could be the end of his life. But Ferdinand saw a flower on the ground. He stopped himself from hitting El Primero. He recalled his dream of becoming like a flower.

El Primero put on his sword and got in front of Ferdinand. But Ferdinand would not move. 

Spectators shouted 'leave him, 'let him go'. El Primero had to listen to his audience. He bowed down and left the arena.

Later Ferdinand and his friends went to live with Nina. And hence a nonviolent heart won over all the hearts.

My Review

It is a 10 on 10 movie. Great animation and a great message. The story is inspired by the book - The story of Ferdinand, book by Munro Leaf.


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