Does Smiling Make you Look Younger? Happiness and Youth

The science behind the anti-ageing effects of a smile 

Our skin is composed of collagen and elastin fibres. Group of such fibres forms tissues. When you smile it flexes your facial tissues and muscles which helps to retain the elasticity of your face. 

In other words, when you smile it pulls up the sagging cheeks, which in turn prevent the premature formation of deep lines and wrinkles on your face.

When your face starts sagging and wrinkling, especially on the forehead, a smile can help you to retain your youthful look. 

When you smile, basically you are transferring the extra tissues from the face to the cheeks. That's what makes you look younger. You can understand this with a baby smile.

Why do babies smile more?

Babies smile more often than us. This is evidence that smiling makes you look younger. When babies grow up they begin to frown. This is the reason why frowning is an act of appearing older.

Check for yourself if a smile removes the wrinkles from your face 

You can carry out the following experiment at your home: 

Look at your face in the mirror in the middle of a normal or sad situation. You can easily spot frowns and wrinkles on your face. 

Now, cheer up, flash a smile. You can find out that the wrinkles and frowns have disappeared and your face is glowing with a smile. 

The wrinkles could have otherwise left deep forehead lines over your face. Which would have made you appear older. A smile is the only anecdote that can make you appear younger.

Facts on how a smile makes you look younger


Research has been carried out at Max Planck institute of human development in Berlin. Where a group of 154 middle-aged people had to guess the ages of 171 people with different age groups portraying different facial expressions. The facial expressions would display neutral, happy, sad, angry and fearful faces.

This study showed that the expression on the face had a major impact on the accuracy and bias of age estimates. 

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The people guessing the ages in the photographs had underestimated the age of people portraying smiles on their faces by an average of 2 years. The ages of angry and sad faces were overestimated.

How does smiling help to fight hypertension?

Research shows that flashing a smile on your face, even a fake one, tricks your mind into believing that you are happy. This has a multitude of health benefits like lowering blood pressure and improving the immune system.


While laughter elevates blood flow rate throughout the body. A mix of the smile and laughter can help you to maintain a balanced blood pressure, which is recommended. 

Flashing a smile amid a stressful situation reduces the stress. So, it is clear that a smile, even a forced one, lowers blood pressure and hypertension.

Does a smile help to fight old age?

Study shows that the people who are under a lot of stress tend to show the effects of ageing on the face quicker than those who live a more peaceful and relaxed life. 

As it is proved that a smile tricks the mind to believe that you are happy and safe, reduces the effect of ageing from the face. 

A smile on the face challenges every adverse situation and ignites the youthful mindset, which welcomes adventure over ease of life.

There you go, smile and retain your youthful appearance.

Keep smiling.


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