Sugar vs Jaggery, Which is Better for Digestion?

In a video, Shri Rajiv Dixit shed light on the comparison between sugar and jaggery in terms of their role in digestion.

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Jaggery as a counter diabetic measure

Rajiv ji told,

  1. Sugar is responsible to cause diabetes while jaggery helps to reduce diabetes.
  2. While converting sugarcane to sugar, all the nutrients are burnt. But in jaggery they are present, thus makes it healthy choice. 

He explained how each one of sugar and jaggery affects digestion.

A normal person needs atmost 400 grams of meal a time. After finishing his meal if he takes only 10 grams of jaggery, it would be enough to digest the whole of 400 grams. 

Instead of jaggery if he eats 10 grams of sugar, the whole metabolism is reversed. the 400 grams of meal won't be enough to digest that 10 grams of sugar, thus results in energy wastage. 

Who is Rajiv Dixit

Late Shri Rajiv Dixit is a Bhartiya patriot who promoted indigenous methods for public welfare. He was well versed with ancient methods of healing. He was a firm believer of Ayurveda. 



  1. All refined sugar mills inside South Asia should be closed and shutted down permanently, so that all sugarcane farmers can become organic, chemical-free, follow multi crop rotation and make only refining-free and chemical-free sweeteners like Jaggery, Khandsari, Raab, Kaakvi and Mishri and for these, they should avoid and evade paying excise to the government and demand direct subsidy.


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