How to Start an eCommerce Store with Zero Investment (using Blogspot and PayPal)

Hi friends. Today I will tell you how you can open an online store with zero investment. You can sell your merchandise for absolutely free. An example of such a e-commerce website is

Given here is step by step guide to setup an e-commerce store for free using Blogger and Paypal.

When opening your online business, initially you do not want to spend fortune to setup an online store. Don't worry. I will guide you how you can start your business and sell products for free.

Step 1: Decide Your Niche

What is a niche? Niche means a category that you will be working on. How to choose a niche for your business? You should recall the speech of Steve Jobs where he says that the most important part of a business is to find your passion. Because if you do not find your passion, anybody else trying it will fail.

Therefore do not settle until you find your passion. Your passion can become the niche. You can build a whole business upon that niche.

For example Alison and AcadFree are the sites that are focused on providing free education.

Khadivadi is the business which is promoting conscious fashion around the world

Apple: Its niche products include high end electronic devices. Most of its products are the result of the brainer behind the company, Steve Jobs.

In one sentence a niche means particular topic that you will be focusing on.

Step 2: Get a Domain Name

The second important part of the business is a catchy name. Do you know what Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald's says about the name? He attributes a significant part of McDonald's success to its name. His analogy behind saying this is that the name McDonald's represents America. On hearing the name McDonald's, our mouth start drooling.

Hence it always helps in choosing a fancy name for your business.

Beware of the existing company names. For instance you cannot should not keep a name which sounds similar to Apple or Google etc.

you should always choose a unique name which will benefit you and other businesses simultaneously.

Blogspot offers free domain name such as You can also customise it (which comes without .blogspot) by buying a domain name. Example The latter one will be a better choice according to me.

You can connect top level domain with blogspot and you will get hosting and security of Google for absolutely free.

Step 3: Start Showcasing Your Items

Click on the new post option and attach pictures of your product. A detailed catalogue attracts customers attention. Write a short note describing your product.

Showcase your products on Blogger, sell your merchandise on blogspot

How to open an eCommerce store with zero investment, online store for absolutely free, integrate third party payment gateway in blogger (PayPal),

Sell your products online for free, integrate payment gateway on blogspot

Step 4: Request Merchant Button from PayPal

Login or sign up to PayPal. Convert the personal account to the business account. This conversion will require a ID proof as per your country laws. For example in Bharat, PAN card is required as an ID proof. 

Free payment gateway, blogger and PayPal

Post this click on 'PayPal Buttons' option. Next, you should choose 'add to cart option. You can feed the price and shipping amount of the item. You will get HTML code.

Create PayPal buttons for free

Integrate add to cart option for blogger, sell for free online

Add price to your product using PayPal, PayPal merchant account,

Step 5: Paste the HTML code in blogger / blogspot

Copy the code from PayPal. Go to blogspot and choose HTML view in the post. Paste this code after the product description.

Shopping cart option with PayPal

Blogspot and PayPal, online shop without Shopify

Step 6: Publish

There you go! Your product is ready to sell online. You can sell as many products as you want through a single website.
Create a marketplace without heavy investment, Shopify alternative

Best eCommerce platform at minimum cost, setup online store at minimum cost

Embed PayPal checkout option on your website, PayPal debit card option on the website

You can visit to your PayPal dashboard to check balance.

PayPal merchant button earnings, check your earnings from paypal dashboard

As I have claimed in the beginning that it is absolutely free to set up an online eCommerce Store. So have I shown to you.

If you have any questions or difficulties regarding this then you can ask in the comment section below. 

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