Job vs Business, Which is Better for Mental Health?

Hi friends, today I will tell you about which is better, job or business. The short answer is business. Why? let's understand.

What if the whole world starts doing business?

Surely there won't be anyone to serve you. Do you require anyone to serve yourself? Yes and no! Yes, because humans are social creatures. Everyone is interdependent, it makes life easier for everyone and creates a mutually Win-Win situation.

, because you should not consider the whole world stupid to carry your load. If you don't learn how to do things yourself then you will become useless. 

Can we live in such a world where everyone is doing business and no one is doing a job? Absolutely.

What does ethics teach about business versus a job?

There is an ancient saying in Hindi,

उत्तम खेती, मध्यम बान।
नीच चाकरी, कुकर निदान।।

Uttam kheti madhyam baan
Neech chaakri, kooker nidaan.

This means the best practices that a person should carry is farming, moderate to do business and worst to do a job. Why?

Because doing a job and serving is similar to the act of a dog. How a dog is neglected so many times but he always seeks your attention.

Job vs business which is better for becoming rich?

Of course, by doing business you will become more wealthy. But why? What is the logic behind this? Why do the people who are engaged in business become more wealthy than the one who does the job?

To understand this we need to understand the very definition of business. Business means you are distributing your product or service to a larger population. While in a job you are limited to one person and he is your boss.

Shop, Shopkeeper, Business, Which is more profitable Job or Business,

Where lies more freedom, job or business?

Let's understand this by my example. I was working in a startup as a full-time employee. I could not do anything with a free mind. Every time I would suspect if anyone is calling me. If my boss is calling me. And what would I answer him about my work etc.? 

While doing business you may indeed get busier but your work will excite you. Which is never the case with a job.

Job and Boss

When to leave your job and enter the business?

As soon as possible. Some people have aspirations such as 'I do not want to raise funding from debentures for my business.'

These people can do a job for some time and accumulate enough money for the first push.

Should you take the experience of a job despite having a family business?

Any experience is not bad. You can learn from each experience. But, there is no need to enter a job if you have a well-settled family business.

If 99% of startups fail then why should I waste my resources in doing a startup?

99% of startups fail because they give up too soon or they are into the wrong business. By wrong business I mean A) they might be selling wrong products, B) they are not passionate enough for their business.

If you have trust in your product and you are passionate about your business then you are not in the 99%.

Which is riskier, job or business?

Both are risky in specific terms. Job is risky because it pays you less. Whatever you get, 30% of it is deducted into tax, as if you are working for both your boss and government.

Moreover, there is a risk to life and your health. The nagging from your boss and fear of termination can risk your life. 

Which occupation impacts your health in a negative way Job or Business,

In business, there is the risk of losing money. But this risk can be recovered by choosing the right path and working hard.


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