How to Sharpen Your Mind with Yoga

Hi friends, today I will tell you about mystic secrets to sharpening your mind. There must be many instances in your life where you cannot concentrate on a single thing. Not only that, your mind is distracted by random things.

Do not worry. There are many yogas that you can do to sharpen your mind.

A sharpened mind is away from any kind of distraction. Its only focus is its goal or vision. And the person with a sharp mind achieves his goal for sure.

You can take examples of many great people. Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, APJ Abdul Kalam, Rajiv Dixit to name a few. All of them had sharp minds. You can also become like them.

How to improve your memory, how to become most successful and intelligent, how to concentrate on your studies, how to achieve top rank,

My story of the distracted mind

I practice yoga every day. The exception maybe when I am travelling during the early mornings. I can always feel that my mind is fresh.

But, once I forgot to do yoga. Not all yoga poses but one. That day my mind was so disturbed that I could not focus on anything. Not only that, my mind was surrounded by unwanted and negative thoughts. My whole day was spent into procrastination.

I took it up as an experience and I decided never to drop any of the poses. I will share with you all the poses that I perform on the daily basis.


Method: Sit in a quiet pose. Take your thumb and close one nasal and inhale. Now with one of your fingers close another nasal and exhale, then inhale. Now close this nasal and exhale through the other. Keep repeating it. This is the yoga that I forgot that day and it kept me irritating.

Anulom vilom, inhale and exhale from alternative nose Pranayam,

This is the yoga that will improve your concentration like anything. It also helps in recovering from a cough.


Method: Sit in the lotus pose (padmasana). Keep exhaling quickly. Ensure that your belly is also moving inwards as you are exhaling. 

Kapalbhati, quickly breathing out

This yoga will increase your concentration power. It will also make you look younger. It will increase the energy inside you.

Sirsasana or Headstand

Method: This is very practical yoga to sharpen your mind. Sirsasana is the pose where you keep your body upside down. Your whole body is supported mainly on your hands and partly on your head. Your whole blood is forced through your head.

Sirsasana, headstand benefits for your intelligence

This yoga helps to sharpen your mind as well as enhances your youth. You can do it for 4 to 5 minutes continuously.


This yoga provides peace to your mind and helps for better concentration. You can sit in half a lotus pose. Insert your thumb in your ears and middle finger resting at the corner of your eyes. You breathe in once and exhale slowly with a sweet buzz 'M' sound.

Bhramari, improve your memory with buzz sound

Is yoga the only way to sharpen your mind?

If you will survey the people you suppose to be intelligent. Hardly anyone will say that he is intelligent because of yoga. Certainly, yoga is not the only way to improve your intelligence, but it is the necessary step to improve it.

Doing yoga is the easiest way to improve your intelligence and sharpen your mind.

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