How to Stay Positive Amidst all Negativity? 8 Effective Tips

I see people getting depressed every day. And the reason they give for their depression is overthinking. I would like to make one thing clear is that the reason for your depression is not overthinking, it is random thinking.

Today I will tell you about how you can overcome the negativity of your mind. This blog post aims to refresh your mind and make you a positive person for at least some time.

Following are some tips for overcoming negativity and bringing positivity,

  1. Being grateful: The first and foremost thing that you can do to stay positive is to be grateful. Now the question is what should I be grateful about? I remember Sadhguru saying that every second two persons pass away from this world. It is fortunate that you are not one of them. It is fortunate that the people who are close to you are not one of them. Isn't it? Can't this be the reason for being grateful? 
  2. Read motivational books: someone says it right, if no one is your friend in this world, then befriends with books. Books can be the best friend of human beings.
  3. Choose your friends wisely: you are the product of five people around you. Who can you call a friend? A friend stands by your side in your bad times. A friend motivates you. 
  4. Keep focused on your goal: Every successful person in this world says for sure, that you should have a dream. Be it Denzel Washington, APJ Abdul Kalam or Arnold Schwarzenegger, these all agree upon this one thing, that you should have a goal, you should acquire knowledge and you should work hard to achieve that goal. This eliminates all the possibility of your wandering mind and keeps you focused only on one thing.
  5. Do everything with full concentration: This is one of the most important aspects of being positive. You have to concentrate on one thing at a time to remove negative thoughts from your mind. I will tell you about how to improve the concentration power in another post.
  6. Believe in Karma: If someone is disturbing you, you may have also disturbed someone in the past. Now you should not disturb anyone if you want no one to disturb you again. If you are getting disturbed by others then try to ignore it and I think why is there the saying, ignorance is bliss.
  7. Fake it till you make it: Smile a lot. Start practising smiling. If you are afraid of what other people will think when you are smiling for no reason, then smile even more. Believe me, no one will call you mad. Some people who are reading my post must be following Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Do you people call him mad, since he smiles a lot? But no. Life is like a downward escalator if you cannot keep yourself in a positive mood then negativity inevitable.
    smiling girl

  8. Do not dwell on your woes: This is the most practical thing to do to terminate all the negativity. There is a saying by Mahatma Gandhi, 

He who harps on his woes multiplies them manifold.

I will keep adding more points as and when I can recall them. Meanwhile, you can also provide your solutions to deal with negativity in the comment section.


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