How to learn business techniques in High school?

Hi friends, today I will tell you about how you can become a businessman in High school. By high school I mean when you are young. How can you become a good businessman in your youth?

If you want to start earning money early in your life then this post is for you.

Many of you might be thinking like who starts business in High school? Schools are for studying not for starting a business. Well, I did start a business in high school.

And, believe me, it is the best time to start your business venture. How? Because you have no responsibilities while you are studying in school. You do not have to go and find a job for yourself. You do not have to take care of your wife and children. 

The problem comes when you are born in a conservative family. Where your family cannot spend a fortune on your business. They just want you to study well and get a job. Then what can you do? My situation was the same in high school.

Start with little

In the situation where you have so many constraints to start a business, you have to start with little. 

To understand this better let me share with you my story of doing business in high school. This is the story of me when I was in grade 9 or 10. I had no business background as such. My father is a government servant. And my grandfather has also retired as a government servant. 

But what I had was an idea. The idea was not new but could be monetized. At a science fair, I have seen a project related to electric circuits. I was so fascinated with it that I wanted to have it.

What was the project?

You have a long wavy wire and another P-shaped wire. One end of this P-shaped wire is connected with an end of the LED light. Another end of this LED light is connected with one end of a battery. Another end of the battery is connected with the same wavy wire. When the P-shaped wire comes in contact with the wavy wire, the circuit is completed and the bulb is lit.

Let me explain you all this with the help of an electric circuit diagram.

Electric Circuit Game

The game is simple. You have to pass the P-shaped wire through the wavy wire without letting each other touch. If the two wires come in contact with each other the bulb is lit and you are out of the game.

The prize for the winner was one can of Coca-Cola. And the price to play was ₹ 5 for three chances.

Do you know how much profit I made that day? A total of ₹212. And do you know who was the winner? I was.

How can you learn business techniques in high school?

Below are some tips to start a successful business in high school.

  1. You need a platform to sell your product: In my case, it was the annual fair, where each one of us can put a stall.
  2. Your product should be interesting: Your product should be unique to stand out. The game that I made did not exist on other stalls.
  3. Do not skip on the guidance from elders or experienced people: Do you know what was the most important reason for my win? It was the guidance of my father who helped in shaping this idea. It is my father who made this project/game for me.
  4. Your youth gives you a competitive advantage: It could be the case that my innocent aggressiveness attracted many people to my stall. As my age was 13-14 years then.
  5. Do not sell a comb to bald: Meaning that your customer should not feel cheated after visiting or buying from you. It should be a win-win transaction between you and your customers. Like, I kept a Coca-Cola reward for anyone who wins. Fun fact, no one won the game that day.
  6. Try not to sell the things that are already in abundance: One of my friends was selling refreshments. He had a stock of hundred of those refreshments. But he could only sell 4. Since many people were selling eatables that day.
  7. Listen to your heart: I vaguely remember that somebody was telling me to set the price as ₹10 for playing 3 chances. But I decided to set it as ₹5 for playing 3 chances. 
  8. Hard work pays off: I enjoyed selling so much that I remember that day I forgot to have my lunch.
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  9. The environment around you plays a huge role: I could be one of those who were not at all interested in selling anything. But the friends that I chose encouraged me to take up the challenge. The environment around me that day made me hustle. Therefore choose your friends wisely. 
  10. It's ultimately up to your luck: Sometimes what happens, you may put all your strength to make your business successful. But the things do not turn up as you desire. On the other side you get beyond your expectations. The good news is that luck favours hard work

This blog post aims to make you understand, what you learn in the early days of your life remains forever with you. If you want to become a businessman later in life then you have to start acting early.

May my winged days shall not pass in vain.

- APJ Abdul Kalam


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