How to Influence the People Around you and Become a Leader?

Today I will tell you how you can influence the people around you and become a leader.

Express yourself to become an influencer. 

You express yourself by speaking/writing and acting. But what is the best way to express yourself? The best way to express yourself is by your actions. 

Take the example of Mahatma Gandhi. He could be called a perfect leader who could influence anyone. 

If you want to read Mahatma Gandhi's autobiography then click the link below.

You might have also heard these proverbs somewhere,

Actions speak louder than words.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

If you want everybody to be simple then be simple yourself. If you want everyone to be truthful to you, then be truthfully yourself. If you want everyone to respect you, then show respect yourself.

Abraham Lincoln's story of earning respect 

My teacher told us this story about Abraham Lincoln. "While Abraham Lincoln was the president, he was passing through a village. A villager was also passing by. They both looked at each other. Lincoln removed his hat and bowed. Looking at this, the villager also bowed. Later, the colleagues of Lincoln asked him why did you bow towards a commoner? 

To which Lincoln answered that he would not have bow to me, had I not initiated bowing myself. Meaning that to earn respect you need to give it first.

Below some tips to increase your influence among others. 

Qualities of a great leader

  • A great leader loves everyone: A great leader behaves everyone equally. To become a great leader, you have to learn to love everyone, then only you can expect love in return.
  • A great leader leads by Example: He simply does not pass orders. He practices himself first and then only teaches everybody. He does not direct, he guides. 
  • Be brave enough to say injustice as wrong: He does not flow with the flow. He searches for the facts. If the facts are pointing in another direction, he agrees to disagree.
  • Be confident: a leader always believes in himself, because he knows, if I don't believe in myself then who else will. He is never afraid of the situations, as he knows that his soul is for no one to claim.


  • Always favours truth always speaks the truth: Though anyone may try to hide the truth, a true leader always keeps searching for the truth till he finds it. And after he finds the truth, he stands by it. Finding truth means choosing the right path.
  • Favouring truth means hiding the fault of others: One who has his influence among others always tries to ignore others' faults.
  • Forgiveness over anger: He tolerates. He is away from any kind of violence because he knows the consequence of violence is hatred. He knows that forgiveness is the weapon of the powerful.

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