4 Business Movies That Every Young Entrepreneur Must Watch (Best Bollywood Movies)

Hi friends, today I will tell you about some Bollywood movies that can make you wiser in business. 

First of all I would like to tell you why I chose Bollywood movies over the Hollywood movies for this purpose. 

You might have heard about various movies for entrepreneurs from Hollywood. Movies like the Wolf of Wall Street, The Founder, The Social Media, Jobs, and the list goes on.

Wolf of Wall Street

You might say that the Wolf of Wall Street is good for learning selling; The Founder is the best movie to show the importance of the business name; The Social Media can teach you about the power of the advertisement industry; while the Jobs can show you the power of a good design and presentation skills.

But the thing that I found common in all these movies is the craftiness of the protagonist. Though some movies are also there that I haven't watched yet. They are into my list. Like Joy and Jerry Maguire. Overall I could see that Hollywood movies emphasize that you need to be cunning to be a businessman.

What do you think of this? Do you really have to be cunning to be a successful businessman? 

You can read one of my previous posts where I have compared business with spirituality.
When I start comparing Hollywood business movies with Bollywood business movies, I can clearly see a difference. Bollywood business movies emphasize simplicity. For example when the protagonist is on the wrong path he faces lots of criticism from the public and government. But when he starts being simple, though he would face lots of challenges but he will succeed in business.

I would like to explain all this with an example. Take the example of The Founder movie. The message in the end of the movie is good, like when Ray Kroc explains the importance of the business name.

But in the other part of the movie, Ray Kroc is featured as the degraded man who commits adultery and cheats his mentor etc. Similar is the case with the business movies like The Social Media, The Wolf of Wall Street etc.

Therefore I have chosen Bollywood business movies over the Hollywood business movies.

Following are the business movies that have inspired me the most. These movies are in the descending order of my preference.

  1. Sui Dhaaga: In this movie Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma are starring. This is one of the best movies that inspires us to be a businessman rather than to serve. Varun Dhawan as Mauzi, used to work at a readymade clothing shop as a tailor. He was insulted during the job and terminated. The movie shows the struggles of Mauzi to become the fashion designer of the year.
  2. Badmaash company: In this movie Shahid Kapoor and Anushka Sharma are starring with lots of supporting characters. In the beginning of the movie there is lots of dishonesty and stealing, and somehow the protagonist becomes successful. But when their dishonesty is unveiled, they are caught into the trouble. The movie shows the struggles of the protagonist from being a scoundrel to be an honorable man.
    Badmaash company poster

  3. Tumbbad: This is Sohum Shah starring movie. It's genre is horror thriller. This movie shows how greediness can degrade a man and welcomes his death.
  4. Rocket Singh, salesman of the year: Ranbir Kapoor is starring this movie. This movie depicts that nobody can become successful by cheating. You always have to be honest to be a good businessman. Honesty goes a long way, and there is a saying as well,
Honesty is the best policy.
The movies listed here can just give you inspiration but they cannot guide you. If they could have then everyone who have watched them would have become a great businessman or entrepreneur.

I will add more movies in this list as and when I watch them. 

As you can also see that this post is highly opinionated, you can also suggest the list of movies that inspire us to become a good businessman.

Some Hollywood business movies that I also like 

Friends I forgot to mention that I have also watched some Hollywood business movies that I admire. One of them is Overboard and the other one is Joy that I have recently watched.
  1. Overboard: Now I recall that I have watched Overboard. This can be called a good Hollywood business movie. An accident takes place and the rich become poor. Eugenio Derbez and Anna Faris starring movie shows that you can find more happiness when you are away from the riches.
  2. Joy: Lately I have watched this movie. This movie is based on the true story of Joy Mangano. Jennifer Lopez's starring movie teaches you how to persevere amidst difficulty and failures. Moreover it also gives insights on how to sell and how to be brave in adverse situations.
Thank you.


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