How to make a sales pitch?

Hi friends, today I will tell you about how you can make a perfect sales pitch. 

I will start this post by asking you one question, have you ever heard the name, Jordan Belfort? I am sure that most of you heard, but do not remember him.

Now I will ask you another question, have you watched the movie Wolf of Wall Street? Now you will say yes. 

The third question for you, have you ever heard about the book Rich dad Poor dad? Of course yes.

Answer me this, what is the number one skill that every one of you should learn?

Of course, it's the skill of selling.

According to the real Jordan Belfort, the number one thing to crack selling is the sales pitch.

And how do you prepare it? That's what I am going to tell you in this post.

I have already written about how to sell better and sell more in this post. 

In one of the previous blog post, I have written that selling is all about developing trust between two human beings.

But when no one is ready to hear you, how exactly are you going to sell them anything?

Let's understand this concept from the beginning. Why would somebody want to hear you out? The answer is simple because you have something to offer him or you have something to ask.

Here, let me tell you something about myself. I am currently working as a human resource associate in one of the startups. 

Now you all will say that my job is so easy. I just have to offer the jobs. But no, startups are very difficult to sell. No one from a well-established company would like to come to a startup until and unless we are providing them with an outstanding hike.

Here, I need to pitch to these people. And for your kind information, I found a perfect pitch for my job.

Here I will help you to find yours.

To sell something you need to build trust and to build trust you need to build relationships first. 


The very first definition of the business is to bring more customers and engage the existing ones.

The latter part can be achieved by building relations. 

How to build relations with your customers?

The thing that I will tell you now applies to almost all relationships. 

There is a saying in the Hindi language, offered by one of the Jain gurus.

थोड़ा तुम झुको, थोड़ा हम झुकें।

Which can be translated into English as:

bit you bow, bit I bow

To make relationships you do not have to fall on anybody's feet. Nor should you hope anybody fall on yours. You can follow the above mantra to build strong relationships.

Following this only, you can make a strong sales pitch as well. How can you do it? 

You can prepare your sales pitch in the way that it makes both the parties participating.

Like you can start by asking questions, and when the opposite party answers you can offer them what you have to offer. Hence you make both the parties participating in the conversation.

Should you script the sales pitch and then deliver or should you directly deliver it without any preparation?

Look folks I am in the big favour of preparing and delivering. Why so? As Jordan Belfort quotes 'selling is all about certainty'. And how do you build certainty? Simple answer, by being certain.

When you deliver an already prepared sales pitch, you are certain like anything. 

In the telephonic sales it becomes much easier to read a sales pitch. In face to face sales it becomes a bit difficult. But as you know, practice makes a man perfect.

Thank you.


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