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An Autobiography: The story of My Experiments with Truth, Book by Mahatma Gandhi (PDF in English)

How many chapters are there in My Experiments with Truth?

The book is divided into 5 parts. Each part is having some insightful chapters.

Who translated the book My Experiments with Truth in English language?

Originally the book was written in Mahatma Gandhi's mother tongue, that is Gujrati. Later the book was translated by Mahadev Desai into the English language.

Mahatma Gandhi - My Experiments with Truth

When was My Experiments with Truth first published?

The book was written by Mahatma Gandhi when he was in jail. Actually it was published in the columns of Navjeevan newspaper between 1925-1929.

Why should you read My Experiments with Truth?

The book clearly shows the pathway of how Gandhi became Mahatma. Everything mentioned in the book is as it is to what happened in Gandhi's life. There is no hiding, no lies in this book. A perfect recipe of becoming great and successful is written in My Experiments with truth.

Quotes from My Experiments with Truth?

Looking at a blank sheet of paper, one can not say which is the observe and which is the reverse side. So it is with nonviolence and truth. The one can not exist without the other.  


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