7 steps to get rid of your bad habits

Hi friends, today I will tell you about how to break bad habits. 

I am writing this from my experience as well as according to preaching of 2 spiritual leaders.

If you look around yourself, you will find very few people who don't have any kind of bad habits.

Who knows about your bad habits? I know that you are great at hiding your bad habits. That you do not explicitly show them to others. But deep inside you know about it very well.

On the other hand, when you have crossed the threshold of bad habits, then they automatically exhibit themselves. 

For example when you start smoking. At first, you hide it from others. But when you become addicted to smoking then it exhibits itself in front of others. Let's say you can still manage to hide it from outside, but after smoking you cough a lot, your body shrinks. These changes reveal that you have been doing something wrong.

Smoking is just an example. There are numerous bad habits which have been highlighted below.

Why do people get into bad habits?

There are mainly 2 reasons, at least for me:

  1. You see your friends pursuing it
  2. You find it cool

Once you get into doing bad, you eventually start enjoying it. And then you become addicted to it until you get to see the ill effects of the bad habit. 

Now you have become so addicted to the bad habit that you want to leave it but you can not.

What should you do if you want yourself untouched by bad habits?

If you are young, maybe 12 or 13 years old, reading this post. Go to your parents immediately and ask them to tell you about the bad habits to avoid. 

Why should you ask them? Because in this age of technology everything is open to you. Gaming, drugs and whatnot. It is easier for you to get into bad habits faster as compared to your father at your age.

Therefore you should always have a discussion about bad habits with your parents. And ask them to fix a boundary line beyond which you swear not to go. 

What if a bad habit has already affected me? Is there any solution for it?

There is not a single problem which has no solution. I will tell you exactly what you should do to get rid of your bad habits.

  • Step 1) Determine what is bad

First of all, you need to understand what is good and what is bad.

Some people arrogantly say that bad habits can not touch them and they do not want to hear about bad habits. 

If people do not regard bad as bad then they can not improve. You need to clearly understand what is bad and avoid it.

What are the bad habits in general? Gambling, non-vegetarianism, stealing, adultery and intoxication are particular bad habits to be avoided.

  • Step 2) Commit yourself

Now that you know about the bad habits in general and the bad habit inside you. You may proceed to the next step of promising yourself that you shall not commit it again.

As long as you are determined to avoid a bad habit nothing can stop you from achieving that.

  • Step 3) Constantly monitor your behavior 

Check whether you have completely broken the bad habit or not. Sometimes when you become careless you tend to repeat your mistakes.

If you catch yourself making a mistake again then give feedback to yourself. And, try not to repeat it.

  • Step 4) Repent before your well-wishers 

You should tell your parents about the bad habit that you are indulged in. I know that you can not tell them directly because you think that you have committed a crime. But you can try other ways to tell them. For instance, you can tell your parents when you are living away from them (through a letter or so). Though it might sound funny, that's how you can repent.

Remember Mahatma Gandhi repented before his father. After which he destined to become great.

  • Step 5) Punish yourself every time you repeat the same mistake

Every time you gamble, most of the time you will lose. Losing money is external punishment. You can also punish yourself internally. 

Every time you gamble you donate some money after that as a fine. This can be an example of an internal punishment.

  • Step 6) Surround yourself with positive people

You should always surround yourself with motivational people. They can solve at least 2 of your problems. 

  • They can alert you about other potential bad habits 
  • They will always motivate you towards your goal

There is a very good saying about friendship. You are a mix of 5 people you spend the most time with. So choose your friends wisely.

If you think that there are no friends around who can motivate you then start reading good books. Treat books your bestie.

  • Step 7) Get yourself busy with your work

Have you ever heard the saying that an empty mind is the devil's workshop?

Well, it's very true. A bad habit affects you only when you have nothing to do.

Working people never suffer. But check your goal first. Is your goal worth working for? Are you adding value to the society or are you degrading your values working towards your goal? 

If your goal is worth working for then don't waste a single minute. That's how you get rid of your bad habits.

That's all for now. 

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