How to Become Punctual? Benefits of Punctuality

What is punctuality?

Punctuality means being on time. Have you heard the proverb,

A stitch in time saves nine?

Well, it is true. This proverb means, if you sort out small problems immediately then it prevents them from becoming one big problem.

To be on time is a kind of art, where you manage yourself and help others. 

If you are an employee in a company, you would know that every company has a login and logout time record. If you don't come on time it would leave a negative impression among your colleagues and boss. It would imply your carelessness.

But, when you come on time you will set an example for others.

The great leaders who manage their time beautifully

Here are some examples of great leaders who are known for their punctuality.

  • Mahatma Gandhi: He used to say that there are 2 major problems with Bharatiya people. Those are unpunctuality and uncleanness
  • APJ Abdul Kalam: He was such a great man that he used to work even on holidays. It is said that Abdul Kalam never took a day off his work
  • Akshay Kumar: Akshay Kumar is an actor. As an actor, he set an example for others to be punctual

Akshay Kumar gives credit of his success to punctuality. Let's hear his story. 

There was a time when Akshay Kumar's gave 16 flop films back to back. Still, he continued to get work in the film industry. The actor once heard a private discussion between two movie producers. One told to another 'we should take Akshay in our movie'. The other wondered, 'why?'. 'Because Akshay is punctual, at least our film will get finished in time', replied the first one.

Now you see the importance of punctuality in one's professional life?


How to become punctual?

I will tell you the best way to become punctual. The best way to become punctual is to have particular fixed time for everything. Of course, some things are not in your hands to control. But in a broader sense, you need to assign time for different jobs.

For example, you can decide how many hours you will put in at your work. It is another thing if the number of your working hours are decided by your boss. If this is not the case with you, you can decide that I will put in say, 8 hours at my work.

Or, you can also decide how many hours you will sleep, etc. Likewise, fix time slots for your major works. 

If you are a student, go through the following link to read about the best daily routine for a student.

How will punctuality help you at your workplace?

Suppose you decided to leave your office only after serving 8 hours of duty. This commitment will help you in multiple ways. Some of these are as follows:

The one and the foremost benefit of being on time is, you don't have to complete any task in haste. If you are punctual at your workplace, you will have plenty of time to set things up. Hence you will be able to complete your task with full perfection. Consequently, you will be admired by your colleagues at the workplace

Another benefit of being punctual at your workplace is that you will have less burden on your shoulders. And, you will have more time to spend with your work, hence you become more perfect at your work.

Importance of punctuality in business

If you are a distributor of any product or service, you should always keep punctuality in mind. Why? If you are punctual with your business, it will make you dependable and you will be admired by your customers.

And, in no time your business will be booming.

Is being before the time, a trait of punctuality?

No. Let me explain it to you with an example. Suppose that someone invited you for brunch. And, he kept the timing of 6:00 am. Will you accept the invitation?

Nope. Because everything in the universe is controlled by time. Therefore, punctuality means on time not before time or after time. 

Who else is the best example of being punctual?

Sun. Sun is the best example of being punctual. Sun is punctual from eternity. It rises on time and sets on time. Sun never says 'today, I am in no mood for rising'. 

Have you ever thought about what will happen when the sun won't rise for a day? I will tell you what will happen. Do you know that the entire heat/fire exists on earth until there is the sun? If the sun is gone, there won't be any fire. If there is no fire then there is no food. And, it will be a disaster. 

We have to learn this trait from the sun. It rises on time to protect us.

There is another creature who is very punctual. Can you guess, who is it? It is a hen. They can be called natural alarms. And that is what they should be used as, not to be killed and eaten.


Now that you know how to become punctual, I will sum up the benefits of becoming punctual. If you are punctual then you can help others even more. If you help others you will gain their respect. Hence you become a leader. Punctuality is an innate trait of a leader.

Remember that you are provided with a particular time. If you will use it wisely in helping others then there is nothing better than that. 

Time and Tide wait for nothing


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