Best Body Posture to Increase Concentration Power

Hi friends, yesterday I took an MBA entrance exam. I think most of you have already heard about it. It is called CAT (the Common Admission Test). One of the most difficult and competitive examinations in India. 

What is so difficult about CAT?

There are two things to be considered, 
  1. Time is very limited. There are 100 difficult questions to be solved in 180 minutes
  2. You have to be super concentrated to solve the problems and pass the test
This is like any other type of exams. An exam is always difficult for a person who is facing it.

In any discipline of life, you require concentration. But we are more interested in the concentration on studies.

The right body posture to study with concentration

  • Keep your back straight

In whatever position you are sitting. Be it sitting on a chair or cross legged on the mat. Always keep your back straight while studying.

Why? Because your backbone carries a huge network of neurons. And, your backbone is the basic element of the nervous system. You would not want to play with that. It can create a serious dysfunction in your lower body parts. Since the brain cells can not transmit messages if your backbone is damaged.

Keeping your back straight also helps in air and blood circulation throughout your body. You will be able to breath deeply when you keep you back straight.

  • Sit in the Cross-legged position

I know that very few of you will be able to digest it. I have heard that people in the west can not sit properly in the cross-legged position. This fact was told by late Shri Rajiv Dixit.

But you might have seen in Japanese or Bharatiya movies that in these countries people practice to sit in the cross-legged position.

If you will sit in this position while studying or drinking the water you will be benefited. 

Do you know one of the main causes of hernia disease is to drink water standing? Also, you should avoid drinking the water while sitting on the chair. It is not a full sitting. The example of the full sitting is to sit cross-legged on the mat. And that's how you should drink water.

  • Don't shake your legs unnecessarily

This is the thing that I also need to work on. You should sit still while studying. 

The constant shaking of your legs does not show your seriousness towards studies. It also points out that you are more concentrated in shaking your legs and not on your studies. 

Do you know that your mind can only work in one direction at a time? You might have heard the people saying 'Oh I am multitasking'. That's complete rubbish. You can not do two things together. Try once for yourself. Until then don't shake your legs or pen or tear the paper in your hands while studying.

  • Sipping water while studying is good for the concentration

How? It kind of shows that you are taking in the words while drinking the water.

But don't try this in time constraint examinations. 

  • Practice these yoga just before exams

  1. Anulom-Vilom: you can practice this sitting on your examination desk. Want to know more about how to do Anulom-Vilom, click here.
  2. Dhyan Mudra: simply make a contact between your index finger and your thumb of the same hand. This can also be done just before the examination, sitting on the chair

  • Say the words aloud so that only you can listen to them

While solving a passage, sometimes the questions are like 'which of the following is not the central message of the passage' and we overlook the word 'not', that results in the wrong answer. 

What is the solution to avoid such cases? Simply read aloud the passage and questions. So that you won't overlook a single detail.

  • Sharpen your axe 

The last piece of advice. Eat less before an examination. And probably take a nap before the exam. The latter advice is the conflicted one. 

Some practitioners say that you should take a nap after your lunch while others deny it. I don't know the reason for the denial. Since I feel drowsy after taking lunch, I generally take a quick nap. 

There is good logic behind taking a nap after lunch. It goes like this, during lunch hours there is already a lot of heat in the environment. Due to the heat, blood flows all around the body except digestive system. Therefore, we need to rest to cool down our body, consequently which results in good digestion.

These are the physical measures to increase your concentration power. But on the mental level, you still have to focus. Without which nothing can be done.


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