2 Best Games to develop intelligence (with Puzzle)

Hey friends, today I will tell you about 2 games that will improve your memory. In a way, these games will help to improve your brain power or mind power. 

I have fantastic memories of trying to find out and playing such games. When I was a kid, all I wanted was to have the best brain. Now I can realise that every child expects the same. 

There are a couple of yoga, exercises and games by which you can improve your brain power

I will tell you 2 games that you can play to improve your brainpower. The first game is chess and the second one is sudoku.

Here is an illustration of a sudoku puzzle. 

Sudoku example

The solution of the above puzzle is as follows.

Sudoku example solution

Want to practice Sudoku?

Here is a Sudoku puzzle for you.

The other game is chess. You might have heard about chess that it improves your mind power. Well, it is absolutely true.

if you cannot find a partner to play chess with you then you can play it on the mobile devices or laptop.

You can download the android chess game from the following link. I also play chess from this application. It is chess free from AIfactory


My rate of winning chess against computers

    Of all the games of chess that I play against computers, I lose about 80% of the games (level 5 of Alfactory). But, I still play chess.
      I urge my readers to start playing the following 2 games to improve their intelligence.
      1. Chess
      2. Sudoku
      But first of all, you should have the aim to improve your intelligence.


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