The SuTa Bombay way of connecting with customers

Hey friends! Today I will tell you about the story of two sisters. The sisters who have now become a huge success.

What is SuTa? 

SuTa is a clothing brand. The brand was started back in 2016 by two sisters. Sujata Biswas and Taniya Biswas. The sisters sell sarees. 

Both of them were engineers turned MBA. And, MBA not from an average institute but IIFT and IIM Lucknow. Their father was a government employee. And he was very particular in choosing their daughters' career.

When the sisters decided to leave their jobs, their father was not happy at first.

When did the SuTa sisters decide to start their business?

After their MBA, the sisters started to work in big corporations, living miles apart from each other. They were not together for 8 years. After 8 years Taniya came to Mumbai and moved in with Sujata. 

In their daily conversations, they would discuss about how many lives they are impacting staying at their jobs. 

After some time they remembered about weavers back in their village in West Bengal. They thought about the weavers' bad condition. So they decided to enter the handloom market.

How did the sisters start their business venture?

They started with a team of 5 members. 2 sisters + 1 employee + 2 weavers. And now they are working with 1400+ weavers.

Did they know everything about fashion from the start?

In an interview, Sujata Biswas told that they didn't know much about handloom clothing. Since their background was different. They learnt about the clothing and handloom industry on the go.

They learnt from weavers by asking them questions. Their questions used to be the most basic ones. And sometimes the weavers would laugh at their questions. 

The learning here is that everyone is the master of their respective fields. And, one can learn anything by asking lots of questions.

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Which field did the sisters specialize in?

The sisters were the masters of marketing technique. Which was as follows.

  1. They call their customers by the name SuTa queen
  2. They write stories for their customers who would style SuTa
  3. They feature their customers on their Instagram page

SuTa's ideology of marketing

The company believes in word of mouth marketing rather than television advertisements. Why so? Because they think if their customers recommend their products to 10 other people, then it's more effective.

Where does SuTa sell from?

SuTa sells their merchandise from their website and Instagram. Instagram, which gets redirected to their website. 

How Instagram marketing is a huge help to SuTa?

As I have already told you about their marketing strategy. It should be emphasized that they write stories for their customers and post it to Instagram.

SuTa doesn't sell one product, instead, they sell two. One is the saree itself. The other is their stories. The stories they write are beautifully crafted. 

An interviewer asked about how SuTa comes up with their stories? The sisters answered that initially, they were the ones to write the stories. Later they hired professional passionate people to write their stories.

Moreover, the customers who are featured on their Instagram page represent the testimonials on their own. 

Bollywood actresses like Kangna Ranaut and Mithila Palekar etc., have worn their sarees. Karan Johar had placed an order from SuTa for his Television series.

The sisters are nailing it!

When did the SuTa sisters decide to quit their jobs?

You would think that they left their jobs to start their business. But, it's not true. They quit their jobs only after they were well established in their business. That they could draw an equivalent salary from their business venture.

What's the learning here? You only jump to plan B when you see more benefit in plan B than in plan A. 

What is the annual turnover of SuTa?

In an interview, the sisters revealed that their annual revenue from last year's sales (2019) is 13 crores. The business is growing leaps and bounds.

They say, behind a successful man there is a woman. Here, the saying can be reversed. Behind their success, there was full support from their husbands. Also, their mother supported them.

Customer is the king and for SuTa the customer is the Queen, literally!

There are no words for their wonderful marketing technique. I think we should learn from them. How they call their customers SuTa queen. They make a very profound relationship with their customers. And boy, their customers love them.

I don't know if they have invented this technique. But if they have then it's a whole new creation. And should be included in management case studies.

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