Ayurvedic tips to slow down brain ageing & boost memory

Good memory vs bad memory.

When someone harms you or if you harm others. You remember both. When you recollect these memories, you feel bad. Anyways, these memories are going to haunt you.

When you remember helping others or, you remember receiving help from others. When such memories come to your mind, you feel happy and blissful.

It concludes that good memories when recollected are the reason for a happy life.

Make your mind a beautiful place, by keeping only good memories and discarding the bad ones.

Today I will tell you the practical Ayurvedic methods to enhance your memory.

  1. Learn with interest: Make learning joyous. When you read something, be curious to know more. When you enjoy learning, it remains with you. In need, it comes to your mind and guides you. Therefore, be happy while learning, it makes a beautiful and long-lasting memory. When you read with a smile, it expands the muscles of your brain, and, your brain catches things immediately. On the other hand, when you are all tensed up, the muscles contract and discards things.
  2. Revise: Now you are enlightened by the learning, start practising it. The thing that you revise the most remains with you. Revising positive teachings fills your mind with joy. It makes you happy when you understand, what has been taught to you. Observe the face of a maverick, humming a  thoughtful song. His face gleams with a smile.
  3. Practice Bhramari yoga: Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and then, for the entire length of your exhalation, make a medium-pitched humming sound in the throat. Notice the sound is vibrating your entire brain. Practice it for five rounds of breath.
  4. Do not masturbate: Research shows that masturbation results in draining a hormone called acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter. The body replaces acetylcholine with stress adrenaline that causes memory loss. Hence, masturbation causes memory loss.
  5. Sit straight: Do not slouch. Keep your back straight when reading. When you slouch, your nervous system also slouches. It then interferes with neurotransmitters. This then results in shallow respiration and memory loss.
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  6. Memorize by reading aloud: If you want to learn any new language, the best way is to read aloud. When you read aloud, the vocabulary automatically finds its way to your mind. You can use it and speak well in front of others.
  7. Learn as early as possible: The best time to learn anything is childhood. At a raw age, you can memorize anything that you want to learn. After you are 30 years old, it becomes difficult to learn anything new. 
  8. Take almonds and Amla: Almonds and Amla are Ayurvedic medicines to increase memory. 
  9. Control anger: While you are angry, you remember nothing. You become crazy. Your body releases a hormone called cortisol, the stress hormone. Too much cortisol may lead to memory loss.
  10. Away from prolonged use of electronic gadgets: All smartphones give off radiations in the form of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields or RF-EMFs. Teenagers who talk on the phone a lot, or, use their phones excessively score worse on one type of memory test. This suggests that indeed RF-EMF absorbed by the brain is responsible for the results.
  11. Sleep properly: Sleep for at least 7 hours. It may help to develop brain cells and improve memory.

Practical ayurvedic tips for better memory.  Learn with interest, revise, practice Bhramari yoga, do not masturbate, sit straight, memorize by reading aloud, learn as early as possible, take almonds and Amla, control anger, away from prolonged use of electronic gadgets, sleep properly



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