How to Practice Morality in Business? Which business should entrepreneurs avoid?

3 Tips to incorporate Righteousness in your Business.

  • Your Business Should not Harm any Living Organism

Killing in a business does not last for long. It will release its reverse effects. And when it does, nobody will help you.

Business of non-vegetarian items, pesticides and brewery should be prohibited.

Great startups focus on helping society by solving problems. Non-vegetarian does not reduce problems. Instead, it increases them. Incurable diseases, global warming and pesticide resistance are some harmful effects of animal cruelty.

You should not help any such violent businesses, directly or indirectly.

  • Your Business should not Exploit Anyone

As an owner, you should not exploit your employee. As an employee, you should not exploit your employer. As a business agent, you should not exploit the innocent.

As a civilized citizen have sympathy with others, Why startups should not encourage animal cruelty, Which types of businesses should you avoid, Gandhi Unto this last PDF


As a civilized citizen, have sympathy with others. Don't become a thief in anybody's eyes.

  • Practice Ethics and Authenticity in Business

Business with honesty thrives. Businesses with lies are doomed.

Transparency between you and your customers goes a long way. The most important factor in any business is 'trust'.

Authenticity means to be true to your words. Be the man of your words. Pay what you have offered.

Work with integrity and succeed with integrity - Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

There is a famous book that talks about morality in business. It is paraphrase of Unto This Last of John Ruskin by MK Gandhi. Enjoy reading it.


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