How to provide better customer experience? Need of customer experience?

What is the necessity of providing a better customer experience?

If you want customer engagement, then you should consider providing a better customer experience. If you want a customer to revisit your store, then start providing a better customer experience.

The customer is the king. You have to delight the customer to grow your business.

Famous fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee says, "our business is 1 per cent product and 99 per cent experience."

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How to provide a better customer experience?

  1. Don't bully your customers. Don't pressurize your customers into buy anything from you. Be humble towards your customers. Make them comfortable first.
  2. Show your merchandise by unfolding everything. This is the only work you can do with your hands before the customers. 
  3. However sad you are, do not display anger towards the customers. Never humiliate your customers. Tolerate.
  4. Speak shortly and sweetly. Do not react quickly.
  5. Keep good quality products only. Do not spoil your image by selling faulty, adulterated or unethical products.
  6. Do not lie to the customers. Later if the customer finds the truth, he can ruin your life. 
  7. Greet the customers with a smile. A smile attracts everyone. 
  8. The knowledge of the product that you are selling, reflects your salesmanship.
  9. Keep the merchandise organized. Your store should be neat and clean.
  10. Pay proper attention to your customer and his demands

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